Catching Up

Oh yeah I blog. Not been very good about that lately. Also have not been very good about running, or cross training or really anything that doesn't involve eating leftover Halloween candy and falling asleep on the couch watching HGTV at 6:30 p.m. because it is now dark by lunch time.

Apparently running two marathons back to back kinda wore me out. The last few days I have finally kinda sort of felt like running. It was touch and go there for awhile and thank goodness for my training groups and the dog or I would not have any reasons at all to get moving.

I was lucky enough to have family come visit me the last few days. My sister who is a Vet also is a certified acupuncturist for animals. I think this is pretty cool and made her stick me in my forever sore left foot to try it out. Now I do not condone seeing veterinarians for human ailments but I figured my sister couldn't resist paying me back for all those times I annoyed her growing up by sticking me full of needles.

I was skeptical because you know needles and all but it wasn't that painful at all. The worst spot is where my foot is the most sore but once the needles came out, my foot felt amazing. Unfortunately my sister lives 8 hours away so if I want more needle treatment I will have to find a non-related to me human certified acupuncturist. If you have some sort of chronic pain I would recommend giving acupuncture a try. It is less scary than I thought. Oh and I was kidding about annoying my sister, I was super cool at all times growing up. You don't need to ask her about it...but she would totally agree.

My goals this week are to get back to lifting weights a bit and running more. I am still in this weird semi-taper mode with the Philadelphia marathon coming up on the 22nd but it would be good to get moving a bit more. At least enough to try to counteract my diet of candy.


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