Swanson Health Products

Jenna from Swanson Health Products contacted me to ask if I would like a $50 gift certificate to try out their site. Why yes. Yes I would like that. I then proceeded to take forever to use it because there is just so much stuff to choose from and a gift certificate is precious and you must use it wisely.They have all kinds of supplements, vitamins and sport recovery items like protein powder for purchase  at very reasonable prices which is probably what the company had in mind that I would purchase when giving me the gift certificate.  I was immediately distracted by the food and ended up buying mostly food items. I am sure this shocks no one who knows me.

In total I ended up getting 13 items from the site. I did order two kinds of soap because they had my favorite kind at an awesome price. Almond scented castile soap and peppermint liquid castile soap. They both smell so good. Plus with the amount of activity I do everyone I work with/ live with is very happy with this kind of purchase. 

They also had my favorite kind of candies. I have quite a bit of stomach trouble, stress, flying, my love for flaming hot peppers all tend to set it off so I am a huge fan of Gin-Gins because they seem to settle my stomach. They can be hard to find...or maybe I am just not looking in the right places but this website had various forms of my favorite candy. Made with ginger and a bit spicy I got both the chewy and hard candy version. These candies have successfully kept me from barfing on planes for a few years now. Everyone I travel with endorses my purchase of this candy.

I do not eat gluten (see above trouble with my stomach) and that is a real drag. I miss you biscuits, french bread, pastries, basically every kind of bread product out there. Bob's Red Mill has some awesome gluten free bag mixes and Swanson's seems to carry everything you could ever want. I got a biscuit mix and a cornbread mix because biscuits and gravy (which you can make with gluten free flour and is not bad) are delicious and cornbread is kind of necessary for chili and it is fall.

I also got a bag of wild rice, a bag of organic popcorn (will be doing a taste test of organic versus non-organic popcorn), dried strawberries (cause that sounds amazing on oatmeal), two types of Quinoa chips, a chocolate peanut butter (so good), and ginger snaps (also amazing...just realized I really like ginger).

Thoughts on ordering from Swanson Health Products:

  1. I would recommend it. Shipping is about $5 for whatever you order. So if you need specialty items like gluten free stuff this makes it really easy to stock up without driving all over.
  2. The prices are very reasonable and even with shipping tend to be lower than in-store (at least in my area).
  3. It took about 4-5 days to arrive from time of ordering. Not bad.
  4. Careful what you order all together. My only complaint was that the chips I ordered ended up on the bottom of the heavy soap and popcorn and are more like chip crumbs than chips. It appears everything is shipped out together (probably depending on order size) so not a problem if you order all heavy or uncrushable stuff. Problematic if your soap goes a few rounds with delicate items. 
  5. Very useful if you have dietary restrictions. You can click on gluten free or vegan, etc. and it will filter the results of their items for you.
Overall I will be ordering from this site again. It is just way to easy to get the things I like from this site and opens up a whole new world of gluten free stuff for me. 

Just a reminder they did give me $50 to use on whatever I wanted in exchange for a review but all thoughts and questionable purchases are mine. Me and my Gins-Gins are heading off to D.C. for the Marine Corp Marathon!!!! So excited!!


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