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 So apparently this is why I feel like death when I try to run now after three weeks off. So unfair. Cardio is the hardest to build up and than poof just disappears pronto the minute you find yourself out with an injury ....or just lazy. LAME.

But this week I did manage to get back to running pain free. Well to clarify. My foot feels fine- tendinitis appears to be pretty much gone. The rest of my body feels like death when trying to run.

 This week in trying to avoid a sedentary disaster I got a couple runs in and hit the gym:

Monday: Leg day= felt like puking. 25 minutes on the stair stepper. 1 mile test run to check out the foot with Max

Tuesday: Back and arm day, 2 mile walk on the treadmill, 2 miles on the elliptical, 1 mile walk with Max and a 3 mile evening run/walk in 100 degrees. Weirdly that did not feel great. I am over summer.

Wednesday: Chest and triceps, 1 mile walk on treadmill, 1 mile walk with Max

Thursday: Leg day = felt like dying. 5 mile easy run on the Ft Bliss path. Felt good to run but also super hard. May have something to do with all the squats and lunges, etc done before.

Friday: Rest day/ walk with Max

Saturday: 5 mile trail run up the Mount Cristo Rey or as I like to refer to it, Big Jesus, because it is literally a giant statue of Jesus. While there are many warnings about the safety around this monument due to the proximity to the border (apparently America does not like to share its giant religious symbols and uses several border patrols to police the area) it felt perfectly safe and it is something you should really check out if you are in the El Paso area. My trail group had a great time and it was a beautiful morning, finally cooling off a bit.

Beautiful morning for a 2.5 mile climb uphill

Awesome trail ladies and Big Jesus

Sunday: 8 miles with my Transmountain half training group. Good god that run took it outta me but I really do love running with that group. They are fun to train with. Luckily I had mimosa ingredients at home to refuel with after. Nothing says I refuse to be productive today like drinking with breakfast. 

Well got a good solid two runs in after three weeks of no running so now it is time to taper. Ragnar Angel Fire is this weekend and I am totally prepared and ready.


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