Adventures in Northern New Mexico

When you friends ask you to be on their Ragnar Angel Fire Trail Relay team you say heck yes. And then you grab your running buddy and make her join as well and then force her to go on adventure time with you before hand. 

We drove six hours up to Taos to check it out cause you know rich people ski there so it has to be cool. We were not super impressed by the actual town of Taos, not sure I would go back there but the natural area around Taos was amazing. 

 We found like a mini grand canyon or the Rio Grande Gorge which I had no idea existed until I googled things to see in the area. It was pretty incredible. Afterward we found the most photographed church in New Mexico and .....photographed it.

Then we stuffed our faces and went to bed to get up to hike in the morning. The next day we headed to Williams Lake located at the ski area. After a bit of a treacherous gravel road drive we found the trail head and headed uphill the altitude and quickly were out of breath with our hearts pounding in our heads so that seemed like a great sign for the relay.  

It was a beautiful hike and we for sure earned some ice cream and just happened to find the best ice cream in New Mexico. I had chocolate chili ice cream and it was amazing. 

After our fun in Taos we headed to Eagles Nest to rest up for the relay. This area was beautiful as well. And then it was time to eat again....basically we walked around and ate the two days before the relay while looking at beautiful scenery. Not a bad way to spend your time. 


  1. Can't wait to read about this relay - loved all the FB pics with so many lovely people I recognized


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