A whole new me

...well at least a whole new insole. These cute ladybug and flower insoles are supposed to get me back to running. (Yes I got to pick a design and yes this is the one I went with cause I am an adult and I can do what I want).I have spent the last few days trying to break them in. They are pretty stiff but my foot feels pretty good so hopefully these will do their magic.

The insoles meant I got to go out with my training group Sunday morning. No running but I did get a five mile walk in.

Not a bad way to start the morning. Got to see all my awesome runners out there killing it on their 10 mile training run.

 I never really get tired of this view.

 On Saturday night the hubs took me out for dinner and we headed to the Edge of Texas restaurant.....which is on the edge of Texas and in the middle of nowhere (aka the border between New Mexico and Texas). Yay for date night. On the drive back I think I also scouted a new route to run which will be a two state run. And now I have the insoles to hopefully do the run!


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