I freaking hate this...

The other day I was training with my lovely 10K advanced group (side note: I have created freakishly fast running monsters out of those guys. I can no longer hang with them, they totally and probably gleefully leave me in their dust. I guess that is a good sign as a coach and I can not wait for them to dominate the 10K coming up!) and one of the runners and I were chatting about our other runs that week and I mentioned how on Sunday my attempt at a run totally sucked and I hated every minute and cut it short by like five miles.

And she said to me that she was so happy I said that because sometimes she feels like everyone loves running all the time and there are a lot of bloggers out there who are too cheerful about the whole thing. So in the spirit of keeping it real I do not always love running. No one always love running. Some days are total shit. Some days I don't even attempt cause I know I am just not into it. And while I feel that my blog does a fair job of keeping it real (and by keeping it real I mean I complain excessively about every little ache, pain and injury) I just wanted to put that out there for those of you who may feel alone in hating your run.

Some things you can do to tackle those hateful feelings:

  1. Give it a go even if you don't feel like it. Usually if I can go a mile things loosen up and get less dramatic and everything is fine.
  2. Realize that shit runs are good for mental toughness. Every race there is always a point where you struggle. Struggling through a run is good mental training for not giving up.
  3. Keep a goal race at hand. Having something to train for can get you out the door and keep you out the door.
  4. If the above three fail pack it in. Sometimes not wanting to run is a sign you are over-trained or on the verge of injury. And if you do pack it in, let it go. Runners are weird excessive creatures. If you cut a run short or cut it all together no one freakin cares so let yourself off the hook. 
Before you know it all will be back to rainbows and butterflies


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