Burn Out & Set Backs

The last few weeks have been an exercise in frustration when it comes to running. First a pulled or strained hip flexor. Then a tweaked Achilles after the Bataan marathon. Then I got a cold. All in all besides running a half marathon and a marathon there has not been a whole lot of running going on over here. And weirdly after awhile I really didn't mind it. It helps that I was busy doing other things.

Family visit fun 

Hike to the top of Mt. Cristo Rey

That got me thinking that I was probably a bit worn out and over trained from training for the El Paso half and having some times off was probably not a bad thing. I also realized I was keeping a running schedule that wasn't working for me. Too much intensity, too many hard workouts back to back and not enough fun trail running. Since running is part of my job a few times a week I need to get better at scheduling that running in with my training and making sure I am not doing too much. I need to get better at protecting my training and saying no or modifying training when necessary.

This week I finally got back to running and my loss of cardio and strength is definitely noticeable. Time to get back on the wagon. The new training plan includes one or two speed focused workouts but also carves time out for trail running and easy miles. I am also focused on getting back to lifting more. My ultimate goal is to go into my two May half marathons healthy, strong and injury free.


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