A track tale

of woe....
Monday was go time. Time to put the game face on. Time to get back on the track and try and get a little speed out of the legs. Up early. Off to my favorite track. Pull up. Shut off car. Get out, look up. Million of high school kids all over my track....

Why? Oh sure technically it is their track. But come on. The idea of running on the track while occupied by all those youths was too much plus I was probably not welcome to disrupt track practice.

Okay. No problem. Plan B. The base track. Monday was a holiday and that one is always empty. And even though it is made out of soul sucking clay or some other substance that sucks all energy out of your body while running it is a measured round oval conducive for 800m repeats. Back in car. Drive over to base.

Pull up to track....covered in dudes in PTs running around and doing physical fitness stuff.

It was a day off for the army. Why? Though I probably could have run on the track. The idea of dodging people or disrupting whatever was happening seemed not great. Okay plan C. I drove over to a 3 mile gravel loop, which was blissfully not full of people and attempted to do speed work over there. I realized how much I like doing speed work on the oval. Mentally going off the gps for distance is tough. I managed to do 4x 800 m repeats, plus a few easy miles. Then I lifted legs and did a million squats at the gym. It felt great to get back to pushing it a little.

Yesterday and today it felt not so great.  Why, why do I workout.....

I think I need to ice my whole body.


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