Zion is coming!

Getting super excited for this on Saturday!!

So excited I had to start packing which included airing out the tent
 Nothing like a tent in the middle of your house. Backpacking will be an interesting experiment with packing light. Not really my thing. But when I know I have to carry everything on my back suddenly I need a whole lot less to survive.

The general plan:
I am flying into Vegas, and renting a car and driving to Zion. Super excited to check out St. George on my way. Camping Friday night, half marathon Saturday morning, hiking Saturday afternoon, backpacking Sunday and Monday. Then flying home late, late Monday night from Vegas.

Since my hip is still a bit sore (update: been going to chiropractor and apparently my tailbone is out of whack and pushing on my hips and that caused the strain...blah, blah need to do more abdominal work to fight against super strong flexors that are pulling things outta place, a few more adjustments and I should be good to go.) my goal for this half is to just enjoy the course. I get to run in one of the most beautiful places
Just disgusting. I am not gonna enjoy this at all.
with some super fun people. Doesn't get much better than that! 


  1. I so love this company that's putting on your race. I'm doing RMHM in August for the second time. Have a great time!

  2. Run Like The Wind & Soak Up The Atmosphere

  3. Soooo jealous! I love that place so much!


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