Runner Bummers

Running is revolting against me.

First I found out that the Green Mountain Relay might be cancelled due to a lack of teams signing up. People sign up! How could you not want to run through Vermont?!?!

Like seriously, who doesn't want to run here. 
Then my April trail running adventure in Ruidoso got cancelled. 

Then I found out that the hubs can't come on the Zion adventure. So I am flying solo on this one, well until I meet up with my awesome Zion companions.

I then failed to get into the NYC marathon through the lottery. Will try again next year. 

But since

I have decided that what I really need is a marathon with the best cheering crew ever. So in October I am headed to

a marathon that is conveniently located near my bestie!

I am super excited for Twin Cities shenanigans with some of my favorite people!


  1. I am SO sorry about all your cancellations. Gutting!! twin cities is supposed to be amazing though.

    1. Yeah kind of a bummer but worked out just fine. I am super excited to run Twin Cities!

  2. OMG!!! So excited you decided on the TC Marathon!! I live in MN...and will be running TC myself...and it will be my FIRST marathon!!

    1. Patti! First marathon! So exciting! I am really excited for TC. It is gonna be a great time!

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