Adventure Time Part 1: Valley of Fire

See I have these friends and they like to go on crazy adventures and I am just lucky enough to get invited along. Since this adventure was in Zion I decided instead of driving for 12 hours by myself (spouse couldn't get off work, somebody has got to fund these adventures) to get there I would fly to Vegas and then drive the 2.5 hours to Zion. Even on a 7 a.m. flight to Vegas people are ready to party. Everyone was all glammed up to hit Vegas and there I was tromping through the airport with my backpack and hiking gear. 

 I picked up this sweet ride, Yaris for the win (I think I love hatchbacks) and hit the open road. In gps-ing my little adventure I noticed the Valley of Fire state park and decided to take a detour since I had some time to kill.

After driving down a long and windy state road I arrived on Mars. This park was incredible. Just huge red rocks rising out of the desert.

 I did some hiking around. Amazing how warm it is there. In the high 70s and not a cloud to be seen. I did not do a great job on staying hydrated which probably did not help my half marathon the next day but totally worth it.

 Had to see Elephant Rock since I love elephants. 

 After driving around the entire park and doing some quick hikes to check out some of the natural formations it was time to move on.

 If you are going to Vegas I would highly recommend a quick trip over to this park. It is beautiful. Has some fun short hikes or longer ones if feeling ambitious and is only about 40 minutes from the strip. Next, on to the main attraction.....


  1. I've been dying to read about this adventure and see your pics. Gutted I didn't make the valley of fire last weekend. Must go back.

  2. I've been waiting for this too!:) And if you haven't been, put Bryce Canyon on your to-do list. It was our favorite from our Utah tour!


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