Training Week Jan 26th- Feb 1st.

Last week was a bit off with training. Travel and a different schedule kinda threw me off. Very little cross training was accomplished. Couldn't find a weight to lift to save my life apparently. But I did put in quite a few miles walking around Vegas if my sore feet were any indication.

Treadmill workout. 5 miles. Tried to be fast. Didn't work very well after running hard at the 5k the day before. Ran 1 mile around 8:30. 1 at 8:45 and 1 at 9:45ish and then almost died.

My one and only cross training this week- 30 minutes of pilates. 6 miles with my half training group.

Tried a new long run style. Ran for two hours instead of for mileage. Got 11.2 miles in. Was a fun way to explore and get some hills in.

Vegas Happened

More Vegas and Vegas Recovery happened

8 miles with my half training group. They are doing so awesome. I am excited for them!

6.5 miles of trail running/hiking with a friend. Super fun. I really like trail adventures.

Overall 37 miles for the week so not too terrible considering two of those days I was very focused on fun. I also hit 179 miles for the month of January. Cruising right along on my 2015 in 2015 mileage goal. 


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