Training Week Feb. 2nd-8th

First things first- I have pulled something in my right leg so have not been running for five days now and am slowly but surely going insane. So frustrating. Trying to stretch and take it easy and hope it gets better before the half. Even scheduled the longest massage on earth for later today in an effort to get back 100%. Ain't no one got time for this.

Monday: Track workout. 6 x 800 with an average time of 7:59 per mile. Six seconds faster average than last time. Yeah baby. Total of 6 miles. Lifted legs.

Tuesday: Full body lifting, pilates, hilly evening run with group for 6 miles.

Wednesday: 8 mile easy run in the morning. 2 miles with my C25k group.

Thursday: Full body weights. Walking. Pilates. At some point destroy right leg/ hip flexor but just don't know it yet.

Friday: Wake up to a super sore right hip flexor. Walk 4 miles. Partly at the zoo because two of my favorite people came to visit.
The fact that they are game to get in the prairie dog exhibit is just one of the many reason I love hanging with my sister and bro-in-law.

Now I really want a turtle and a pig.
Saturday: Ain't no one got time for injury when you are a coach so 13 miles and our last long run on the race course with my half marathon group. They kill it. Super excited for them! Hip grumpy the whole dang way.

Sunday: Only thing sore from the long run is my hip flexor. 6 mile hike because fun must be had and once my hip is warmed up is fine most of the way.

Total Mileage: 47 miles.


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