Friday Stuff

 Hilarious...sorry rest of the country (except for California cause, like really most perfect weather on earth). You all can laugh at me when El Paso is 110 degrees this summer.

There was a fair amount of this situation this week....

but I eventually got it together and did cardio in a different form and lifted and felt better about life. The good news is my injury feels significantly better so I should be back to my regularly scheduled calm the crazy exercise soon. Which is good because.....

I find out soon whether or not I made it into NYC marathon. Fingers crossed!!! Also almost time for MCM lottery. And St. George or Twin Cities ahhh I can't decide...and how about Big Sur for spring 2016.....RUN ALL THE RACES!

In other exciting news I have two new running groups I will be coaching, a beginner and an advanced 10K group, starting next week. Can't wait to get started on that! I have really enjoyed training the C25k and half marathon training peeps. They keep me inspired!

Happy Friday!


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