Crazy things that happen while injured

So Sunday is the El Paso Half that I have been training for for months. My original goal was to PR. Now my goal is to do it. My right leg is still not 100% so my plan is to not wear a watch and just run by feel. If my hip hurts lay off. If I feel good push it. No pressure. There will always be another race. Now this may sound all zen but don't be fooled I have not been totally zen about being injured.

My super awesome first world running dilemmas/ stupidity of the past week:

1) Freak when I realize that my 2015 goals is going to be thrown off which means the world will probably end. Never mind that it is only February and there is still time to get it together and plus I was ahead of schedule. WORLD IS ENDING.

2) Tally up all the money I have spent on races thus far for near future and freak out about maybe not being able to do them if I am injured. Then go ahead and throw my name into NYC marathon lottery anyway because that is a long way off and I WILL BE FINE.

3) And the make sure I have the dates down for the other lotteries I want to enter cause the crazy does not stop.

4) Consistently and constantly keep poking and 'testing' the injury out to see if it is magically better all of the sudden and then Google everything that could possibly be wrong and convince myself it is a hip fracture and I will be out for years.

5) Counter the I have a stress fracture panic with the purchase of plane tickets to my all ready registered for races.

6) Become filled with rage at every other runner you see while out and about for no reason other than they are running and my inner thigh is on fire. STUPID RUNNER THAT IS NOT ME.

7) Suddenly realize it is taper time anyway and if you are gonna be injured this is kind of an okay time because I WOULD BE GOING CRAZY ANYWAY.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


  1. I am so sorry your hip is gammy. Ugh, silly bodies. I totally hate it when I can't run and I see other people out running looking really effortless and beautiful. I had mild (?) food poisoning on Tuesday so haven't run since Monday and don't think I'll run till tomorrow/Saturday and I keep seeing all these lovely runners out having fun and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! Good luck on Sunday, lovely girl!


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