Training Week: Jan 19th- 25th

This week was a bit low on the mileage and training. I took Thursday and Friday off to let an ache in my left hip/ lower back have some time to rest. I am pretty sure my SI joint is a bit out of whack so I have been doing exercise and stretches that are supposed to help it pop back into its proper space and then keep it there. It is feeling better and luckily running doesn't really seem to bother it. Not gonna lie, with this 2015 miles in 2015 goal I feel a bit of pressure to keep at it. This is good and bad. I don't want to take unplanned rest breaks but at the same time sometimes they are necessary so I just have to let it go.

Monday:  Race against Racism 10k. 2nd in age group. 55:48

Tuesday: 1/2 hour of Pilates, Weights, 5 miles with my 1/2 marathon training group. Notice hip and back feel funny.

Wednesday:  Easy 7 miles. Notice hip and back still feel weird.Spend time with my roller and tendon exercises.

Thursday: Rest day from running. Lifted weights and stretched and rolled.

Friday: Unplanned rest day to let back and hip chill out.

Saturday: 6 easy miles with my 1/2 training group.

Sunday: Rob White Memorial 5K. 25:58. 1st in age group. Mile warm-up and strides before. Mile dog walk later. Lifted weights.

Total: 29.2 miles with three days of weight lifting.
Overall I feel like I have gained a lot in the speed department the last few months. Considering 5 months ago I wasn't running or doing anything at all for 2 months and now I am running sub 9 minute miles for 5 and 10Ks. I feel really good about that!


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