This New Year in Training- Jan 5th to 11th

This past week I rocked the miles. Feeling stronger and faster. It is a nice feeling.

Track torture- 10X800. Average pace was an 8:05 mile. Not bad. With the warm-up and cool down a total of 8 miles on the track. Lifted arms

2 miles ran/walked while training. 5 miles run with my half marathon training group at an average pace of 10:08. Pilates and some balance and tendon strengthening stuff.

11 miles in the Valley. Average time was 10:44 per mile but that included some Gu and nose blowing walk breaks cause it is COLD. Later that night 1.5 with my new couch to 5k group. For a total of 12.5 miles.

Walked 2 miles on the treadmill. Lifted legs....which was a mistake I paid for on Friday. Some serious stretching and rolling out.

Tempo run on the El Paso Half race course. After my legs warmed up and felt like they were not going to fall off due to lifting weights this run felt great. It was a new route and a tempo of 3 minutes fast 2 minutes slow recovery seemed to work really well. Lifted arms.

About a mile and a half with C25K group and then 11 miles with the half training group. I was pretty done after that.

Sunday: Woke up feeling all 49 miles I had moved earlier in the week. Lifted arms and then did nothing but stretch. And it was glorious.

Other fun stuff:

  • Loving keeping track of my runs and fitness goals in my Believe Journal. I use metallic pens and gold stars cause I am a 12 year old girl on the inside and it just makes it more fun.

  • We had our after holiday holiday party with the running store peeps where we had a white elephant gift exchange. I scored MD20/20
                                                  more importantly scored a gift card! YAY!

Happy Running!


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