Robert White Memorial Run 5k

Last Sunday I ran a 5K in memory of a constable who often volunteered for the local races my running store puts on. He was killed during an altercation at a haunted house this past Halloween.

Being the first year the race was pretty small with about 100 people coming out. My plan was to run hard. No watch, just push and try not to throw up. When it comes to race planning I really nail it...don't is good to have goals. The course is not super easy with quite a bit of climbing and ending pretty much uphill but that means there are downhills which are always nice.

I don't have splits cause I didn't wear my watch but I took off too fast and then struggled to not die for the rest of the race. On the last hill I was the third place female but then a youngin came motoring up behind me at top speed and left me in the dust. Need to work on my hill game. But fourth female, 17th overall and a finish time of 25:58 with 1st in my age group seems not bad at all. My running buddy got 1st in her age group and ran really well too! Double golds for our running duo!

Overall it was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning and I am really enjoying running shorter distances. It is nice to know that you are done in an hour or less. My ultimate dream (I secretly think I am way faster than I am) goal is to still get a 23:xx something some day. I feel like I am on the right track considering in December I ran this course in 28:11. I am looking forward to running more 5ks in the upcoming year!


  1. Well done. I think it's great to see communities get out to support causes like this.


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