First off I love, LOVE this ad. It is real and empowering and who doesn't love a good Missy Elliot song.

This morning the struggle was real....It was one of these days

I was just not having it. The plan was 14 miles, The thoughts in the first mile ranged from I just want to lie down and curl into a ball, to maybe I can make it six. I was tired and sore and over it. Lucky for me my most amazing running buddy was super cool about it and like no worries we will take it slow and do what we can. And what I could do was 13 miles whhaaaaatt. Isn't it amazing how having company can make difficult things so much easier. It was not the fastest or strongest miles I have ever run, they were actually slow and included a lot of walk breaks with some serious whining. At the end I was happy that I was able to run so far but a bit disappointed that my running was not strong.

And then I was like knock the crazy off. A double digit run is a double digit run. Not every run is gonna be sunshine and rainbows and butterflies...and unicorns (gotta have unicorns). The not so great runs are the runs that make you stronger and make you appreciate the great runs. Not every run has to be perfect. I am working on this. I want every run to be perfect because I put so much effort into training but perfection is boring. I think every once in awhile we need to struggle to let us appreciate how far we have come and just how difficult running actually is. Keeps us in check from saying 'oh it is just a half marathon' or 'oh I only got 13 miles in today'. So today I ran 13 miles and they kinda sucked and that is okay.



  1. First of all, it didn't suck. It didn't even kind of suck. Here is the truth- it was 13 miles. Keep it simple. It might not have been sunshine, rainbows (I must have missed the unicorns), but it also wasn't hell fire and brimstone. It was a good run. We saw a horse, a dog (as usual), a busted mailbox with bandaids. We saw Mark, we saw the sunrise, and we moved. That's the truth. You are doing great.


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