It is time!

Guess where I am headed today

to celebrate with one of my besties the fact that each year we get older but yet each year we are just more awesome.

Okay really we wanted to go to Vegas to celebrate turning 30 like two years ago we are just a couple years behind schedule. And neither one of our birthdays is in January. But who the hell cares we are goin to Vegas anyway. And by awesome I just want to clarify I am pretty sure both of us packed a pair of sweatpants for each day we will be there cause we are over thirty and being comfortable is just the best. Awesome is a relative term. I promise to only wear them in the hotel while consuming room service...promise. 

And we are going to see 

And no I will not wear sweatpants there either...not until after. I have prepared for this epic moment by forcing everyone who resides with me to listen non-stop to the I Heart Radio Britney station. You are welcome husband and dog! 

So Vegas prepare yourself cause we come to party hard. 


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