Training Week Nov 24th- 30th

Well soooooo last week was Thanksgiving week......and things got pretty lazy round here. I couldn't even be bothered to track it on daily mile. Eh. This is what happen when my training partner goes out of town and a food based holiday occurs.

Monday: uhhhh nothing.

Tuesday: 2 miles while training. 25 x 75 sprints. These were freaking hard. The first four I was like oh yeah I am all over this, by number 12 I wanted to puke and cry at the same time. Short game is probably not my thing. Lesson we learned from this workout- sprinting sucks. Lifted weights. Evening- 3 miles with my half training group.

Wednesday: Couch to 5k training- 2.4 miles

Thursday: THE DAY OF EATING!!! But first a 5k. Iron Turkey 5k done in 26:05. Not my fastest but for a hilly kinda tough course in my opinion it was a good effort. I never felt like I was pushing super hard and my fastest mile was 8min. Not bad. Then to the eating.
so much eating....

Friday: Black Friday madness.....working retail on black Friday counts as cardio right...?

Saturday: 2 miles with couch to 5kers and 6 miles with my half training group. Both groups are doing freakin awesome. Super proud of them.

Sunday: 4 mile walk over scenic.

So around 20 running miles. Not bad. I will take it. I was super excited to get back on track this week with lifting and running and not eating until I hate myself but then today I woke up with a stuffy head and sore throat that is kickin my butt and I couldn't run with my friend and I was all

I can get a bit dramatic when my plans are thrown out of whack. 
Seriously. Ain't nobody got time for a cold. So tomorrow I will be better because I will it so.


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