Training Week December 8th -14th

I picked it up a bit this week in the mileage department and felt it. My legs were done by Sunday. I finally successfully lifted three times this week! Nailed it! This contributed pretty heavily to a general feeling of soreness all week. But no pain no gain. Progress can not be made without a little discomfort.

12 X 400 on the track. My head was still full of snot from my cold so it was not the best performance but all 400s were between 1:50 and 2:10 so not too horrible. One minute rest between intervals. The last time I did this workout I couldn't hack it and had to take an extended break about half way through to recover. This time it was tough but I felt strong the whole time and didn't need to take any extra rest. It was great to see progress in my fitness.

Lifted- lots of squats and lunges which I immediately regretted. So much burning.

2 mile walk followed by 3 miles of an easy run on base. Super sore from lifting so it was nice to shake some of that off. Half hour in the pool.

In the evening 4 miles with my half training group in an ugly sweater followed by wine tasting. Not a bad night. Kinda think all runs should be followed by wine tasting.....

6 miles easy in the morning followed by lifting with a focus on arms.

4 easy miles around the base.

8 miles of some tough hills- first two miles much uphill but a super fun route and my friend and super awesome running buddy found a pair of my favorite running pants, like seriously the last pair in existence in my size I had looked everywhere, and gave them to me for Christmas. Best morning ever!

8 miles with my half training group. A fun new route that took us through downtown but ended with a mega hill climb. So proud of my training group. They are killing their training and looking so strong. Lifted in the afternoon- full body.

3 miles of run/walk followed by lots of lazin about.

It felt good to get movin a bit more. I am super happy I finally made it to the gym three times in one week. My goal is to continue the trend this week!


  1. Excellent goal for the coming week. Great job on the miles!


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