Cut the Fat Part II

Last Friday I headed back to the Wellness Center to have my body fat rechecked (read how it went the first time here). While I had lifted more in the last 30 days I did not do a very good job of tracking my food intake and making sure I ate the prescribed 2400 calories a day (seems high but my resting metabolism is 1800 a day- so if I laid around watching Sex and the City reruns all day I would need a minimum of 1800 calories to exist, but I only lay around and watch Sex and the City reruns like part of the day so I need more calories to fuel the running, training, cross training lean, mean, muscle building machine....or something like that).

And by not a very good job I mean I didn't do it for more than two days. Why? Cause it is super annoying to me cause I am busy, cause I hate measuring food, cause insert excuse here. I use My Fitness Pal but for some reason it was just too much for me to handle.

Bod Pod fun. So futuristic. So much reality check.
So even though I had not done what I was supposed to do I was still hopeful that I had magically gained tons of muscle. Weirdly this is not what happened.

So what happened....well not a whole lot. I lost an inch around my waste (yay this is a good thing) but also lost a pound of muscle (no this is a bad thing)....not exactly what you want when you have spent more time in the gym and like twice the normal amount of time whining about how sore you are from lifting at the gym. And why the muscle loss...because my body is not getting enough calories and I increased my amount of activity so it is eating my muscles......uhhh gross.

Okay, okay this is harder than it looks and only doing part of what I should be is not really helping build lean muscle mass so for the next 30 days I am gonna try, and I mean really try to eat more (and not just more candy more healthy food...and a little bit of candy) to ensure my body gets what it needs to build more lean muscle. Even though eating that many calories seems a bit excessive to me and I feel like it could result in weight gain....I am gonna try and get it done and give the nutritionists/ exercise science team at the Wellness Center the benefit of the doubt and trust they know what they are talking about. They all seem cool and have fancy letters after their name so my guess is they do know what they are talking I should just listen.

 And in 30 to 60 days of lifting and proper fueling maybe I will see an increase in lean body mass. Now excuse me while I go find a snack.


  1. I'm assuming your fat % stayed about the same?? I'm fascinated by the pod. I kind of want to go in it but I kind of want to remain ignorant!


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