You are a runner

One of the great things about my job as a Run Coach for the running store here in El Paso is I get to work with new runners or runners who are working their way back to fitness after taking some time off. Often times the first workout back is the hardest. In your mind you are a sleek, athletic animal able to lope up hills easily and at a 5 minute mile pace but often times the muscles and cardio system are just not on the same page.

And that is totally okay. Running is hard and takes practice and for many people, including myself, does not come easily. It is something that must be practiced and worked at to see change and improvement in yourself. Do not make it harder by putting down your effort.

One of the things that I would love runners of all levels and ability to stop doing is trivializing their achievements and ability by saying things like:

- I am not really a runner I have only been doing it for a few weeks.
-I am not really a runner I have only ever run 5ks.
-I am not really a runner I often need to take walk breaks.
-I am not really a runner I only run once or twice a week.
-I am not really a runner I am super slow.

I am 110% sure that there is no minimal ability level to being admitted into the club. No paperwork, no speed or distance requirement, no secret handshake to be learned, nothing. If you run you are a runner. John Bingham sums it up best....

Your attitude about who you are has a huge impact on how you see yourself and how others see you. New or comeback runners - You are runners. Do not belittle your ability. Instead see the fact that even though you know it may be uncomfortable you show up for training as pretty dang awesome. And keep in mind speed is a relative measure. We are all slower than someone and faster than someone else.  The most important thing is that you put one foot in front of the other and put forth the effort.

If you call yourself a runner enough you will believe it and others will believe it and next thing you know you are signing up for 5ks, half marathons, buying weird things like Gu, running faster, owning multiple types of foam rollers, running farther, running because it is who you are....... And then this starts to happen

and you can no longer deny it- you are a runner.
So yes you there, you who just started running a few weeks ago, you who runs a 16 minute mile, you who have never gone more than 1.5 miles, you are a runner. Welcome to the club!


  1. Yes yes yes!! I hate it when runners belittle themselves (even if I'm totally guilty of it myself!!)


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