Training Week Nov 17th-23rd

This past week was a bit of a bust in the weight lifting department and by bit of a bust I mean I did nada. Eh it happens. I did get in some quality running workouts though.

Monday- Track workout. 5 x 1000 under 8:40 pace. It was super cold and we did a total of 5.5 miles with the warm-ups and cool downs. My average pace for the 1000 was an 8:16. I will take it! When I first started doing track workouts I was not overly excited about them and they seemed really difficult but I have grown to really like them. Goes to show sometimes you have to be open minded and give it a chance. Track workouts are nice because they have a specific purpose, you can push hard, it is flat and when it is done you know exactly what you accomplished. Also trained a client.

Tuesday- Trained- ran/ walked about two miles. Ignored lifting. Ran 3 miles with my half marathon training group.

Wednesday- 15 mile long run. It went great for the first 12 miles and then a rock out of nowhere took my running buddy down. Her knee hit a rock and there was a pretty big gash but because she is crazy tough and hardcore she got up and was like nah I am good lets keep going. We discussed the hole in the pants that she had just bought the day before (isn't that always the case) and the size of the gash and decided to head to the emergency clinic down the road to see if stitches were in order. Yeah just about 14 of them.....she ran three miles with a cut big enough to need 14 stitches. Of course we were like at the furthest possible point from the car but still. Trained a client.
Ran two miles in the evening with my Couch to 5kers.

Thursday- Trained again and ignored lifting. Woke up with a super sore and tender ankle on the left side. Decided it was sympathy pains. Hobbled around and stretched like crazy.

Friday-Ankle felt better. But decided to do nothing and make sure it really felt better.

Saturday- Ran 2 miles with my C25kers and then 5 miles with my half marathoners. Ankle felt pretty good.

Sunday- Four mile walk up scenic drive.

31+ miles of running this week, not bad. My running buddy is out of town this coming week so we decided that it would be a good rest week since we have been pushing the speed...and she can't bend her knee. SO basically since she drinking mai tais on the beach on her honeymoon and injured I get to back off the intensity a bit. This seems good since my ankle still feels a bit wonky and I don't really know why. And it is I will be busy eating. But I am going to try to get back in the strength training groove. Seriously it takes like 30 minutes and I am being kinda a baby about it. Goal for this week- lift twice.


  1. I hope your ankle feels better! Was that LR on trails?

    I love that story about your badass friend. LOL, hope the cut heals well!


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