Training Week Nov 10th -16th

This week my beginner half marathon training group kicked off. With about 40+ people it is a big group but I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun. I only got two strength session in this week again and have decided that is my tolerance level for strength training. So two it is for now. Two is better than 0 so I will take it.

Monday- Speed workout on Fort Bliss with 2 3 mile loop repeats. One mile warm-up with 6 miles at a 9 minute mile goal pace- actually more around 9:10. Lifted weights after.

Tuesday- Run/ walking while training. 3 mile kick off run for my beginner half marathon training program in the evening.

Wednesday- 11 mile long run. Freaking windy...I HATE WIND. But ran in a beautiful new area in New Mexico through awesome farmland. I really liked this run....well until it got windy and then I was over it.

Thursday- Training- ran/walked about two miles. Army side note: Went to my first Hail and Farewell and D was welcomed into the Battalion- about four months late because they have been so busy but better late than never.

Friday- Tempo work- one mile warm-up and one mile cool-down and 3 fast miles between 8:20 and 7:50 in between with a few minutes rest in between each mile. Felt really good about this workout. Just having an on day where it didn't seem as hard and I didn't feel like I was going to die at the end was pretty nice. Lifted weights after.

Saturday- 1.5 miles with my Couch to 5K and then 4 ridiculously hilly miles with my half marathoners.

Sunday- 3.5 mile training walk up scenic drive.

Overall this week was pretty awesome. I got moving all seven days and feel like my own training is going well and I am getting faster. El Paso half marathon I am coming for you! I am also really enjoying training others. It is awesome to watch people improve and I am really excited for all the people I train and train with. They are doing great things!


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