Weekly Training Recap Oct 6th -12th

This week I found and ran with a new running friend. And it was awesome. Running with someone is so much more fun and a bit easier than tackling tough workouts by yourself. If you have not run with other people before I would recommend it. Join a training group, go to your local running store to run with other runners in the area, talk to that runner you see run by everyday. You will be glad you did if you can find someone you can train with.

Monday: Nada. 

Tuesday:  Track workout total of 8.3 miles. 5 X 2000
mile 1- 8:18
mile 2- 8:19
mile 3- 8:25
mile 4- 8:16
mile 5- 8:41 with hamstring cramp up.
-evening run- 3 miles with running store

Wednesday:  Pilates

Thursday: 11 easy miles in 2:02. Wandered through a new area. Couple walk breaks. Fun conversation.

Friday: 6 miles. Had wanted to do more with a friend but was feeling it and decided that six was enough. 

Saturday and Sunday: Fun in Albuquerque at the Balloon Fiesta. The Balloon Fiesta was pretty amazing. Hot air balloons, fried foods, Josh Turner concert. Amazing!


  1. Someone small got excited about the pig and the cow :)

  2. That balloon fest looks like a blast!

  3. Nice speedwork!

    Man! I would love to go to a hot air balloon festival that big! Great pics! :)


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