Training Week Oct 20 - 26th

The great thing about having training partners is that they make you run harder and hold you accountable to actually showing up. The downside is when they are ill it makes it harder to be motivated because I instantly become co-dependent cause running with my training partner is way more fun than by myself....and that is my excuse for a pretty low mileage/ low running days week for me.

The upside to this week was I got to run in some pretty cool places.

Monday: Nada, nothing, zero.

Tuesday: Some 200 repeats with my training client and a group run from the running store for 3 miles. Fun jaunt with some fun ladies.

Wednesday: Morning: 7 mile long run with some fast miles in the beginning and some slow in the end. Evening: Couch to 5K started. Great group of people. Gonna be a lot of fun.

Thursday: Some miles with my client. And then nothing....

Friday: More to Baltimore

Saturday: 5.56 Miles around Annapolis with the husband.

It was a beautiful morning to run and fun to explore a new place on foot.

Sunday: Estimated 4 miles around 35 minutes around Lewes, Delaware pre- wedding

Fast and fun jaunt with the hubs and brother. I have convinced the brother that we must do Marine Corp 2015.

The good thing about less mileage is that my Achilles had felt a bit tweaked but now feels fine.  Overall a super fun week. Now just 500 wedding photos to sort through and some unpacking to do. Back to reality.


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