Training Week Oct 13th - 19th

This week the intensity continued with some tough and faster workouts. Though they are kicking my butt I am really enjoying them. It is nice to be pushed and meet some faster times. It is not so nice to be dropped cause you can't hang which is what happened Friday. But all you can do is give your best and try to keep them in eyesight so you know how to get back to your car.

Monday: 5 miles- 1 mile warm-up around 11 minutes and then 16 X 400 under 2 minutes each. Average was around 1:57. There might have been a point about half way where puking was a real possibility but kept it together.

Tuesday: Easy 3 mile recovery run around the 'hood with some lifting.

Wednesday: Early morning long run with 10 miles. Funny how when you run in the dark the miles and time just kinda fly by.

Thursday: Recovery day.

Friday: Tempo run of 6 miles. Supposed to be four ten minute segments at an 8 minute pace but I just could not get there. Mine were more around 8:40 pace.

Saturday: 8 mile easy run with a side of getting caught in a downpour. Added some excitement.

Sunday: Client training.

Total mileage: 32

Since I have raised the intensity of my training I have not been too concerned with my overall mileage. Instead I have been focused on trying to recover to give a good effort at the three key workouts I have been doing- track, long and tempo.

Other exciting news:
-My brother is getting married this week! I am excited to see him and his beautiful bride this weekend.
-I have my first El Paso Training client. Love it!

If you are interested in a free entry to a Spartan race visit here.

Happy Monday


  1. So excited about your client :) You're like a proper running coach!! Have a great weekend at the wedding, we want pics. xx

  2. Yay for a new client and congrats to your brother and his bride!

  3. Woo hoo for a family wedding! That will be fun!

    Are you enjoying training? Congrats on your first client!


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