Random Rant Friday

Your dog. Yes I am sure he is very sweet. And I am sure he loves everyone. I have a dog. I believe him to be very sweet and he does in fact love everyone.
That face...come on. Can't even handle it.
But this does not mean that I let him run around the park or trails or street without being leashed. Because I know that no matter how cute I think he looks he looks freaking terrifying when he hurtles all 80 pounds at you at top speed even if he simply wants to say hello and get a pet.

And when all 200 pounds of your two large husky death breed come running up to me on a trail with you nowhere in sight don't be all butt hurt when you come around the corner to find me loudly declaring to them that they need to go home as I try to find a large rock to fling at them if necessary. Yes I am a bit jumpy about this since the Smoky Mountain relay when there were loose dogs on the course chasing runners but at the same time I have been bitten twice while out running by dogs who I am sure were very, very nice. 

This seems to be more of an issue here than it was in Georgia. That wild west mentality perhaps. Every man and dog for himself. Your leash laws can suck it, we don't need no leash laws. Every time I have run the trails here I have had a loose dog come up on me. So I am declaring now if your dogs runs up on me while I am out running, trail, park wherever, I will in fact mace the shit out of your dog if I feel threatened. Or you could just put it on a leash. 

On Tuesday they closed the pool for lightening. The pool is indoors. Like in a giant cement building. The lightening was miles away. And since I was not swimming I had time to Google whether this is necessary or common practice. No and no. I was actually more at risk standing in the parking lot trying to figure out what to do next since it wouldn't be swimming while the lifeguards played a game of pick-up football outside....uh in the lightening...since the pool was closed due to lightening. So in case you were wondering keepers of the indoor pool no need to panic. Now everybody into the pool. On a less whiny note this meant I have been cross training or at least trying too. Boom!

Happy weekend!!


  1. Oh gosh, I am not very familiar with dogs and the big ones scare me. I would feel very protective if one came at me. I feel that way with the small ones in my hood!

    That makes NO sense about the lightening. LOL

  2. Invisible fences make me angry as well. I hate bracing myself to get chased or bitten and then having the dog stay back. Just have an actual fence so I don't have a heart attack!


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