Just resting my eyes

So I tend to plan out my training a week in advance. One, this keeps me motivated. And two, I like planners and to fill in planners with everything I could possibly do so I can cross things off and feel like I have accomplished oh so much. It is kind of weird but it is my thing.

 So this week I had all my workouts planned prior to Hood to Coast and in my mind I am amazing and would be up to all kinds of sweat fests. This was the week I would probably turn into a professional athlete. After taking Monday off I was ready to rock and roll. I even did two runs on Tuesday. Crazy.

Well yesterday I slept almost all day. I woke up walked the dog and then feel asleep on the couch. I woke up, ate, did a few things (like schedule my exam for my personal training certification, woot woot) and then feel back asleep until it was time to go to my CPR certification class in the evening.

I know. I know! Just be thankful that I am not required to be a functioning member of society and that I am currently not in charge of anyone or anything important. I think the not sleeping part of the relay finally caught up with me and smacked me hard.

Needless to say the nice little weights and cross training workout I had planned for myself was not crossed off the list. That is so irritating. Oh well maybe next week I will become a professional athlete. On the upside I am now certified to provide assistance in an emergency....if I don't sleep through it.


  1. Ah don't take it too hard - we all have our off days! You're not complacent with it, and that shows your drive, but do give yourself a break every now and then!

    1. Thanks!....I just must cross all things off list.... ahhhh ;). Back at it today so all is good I think.

  2. This makes me feel better...I was EXHAUSTED after WWR and secretly wondered if I had glandular fever or was actually just now officially old. You are not ill or old so clearly I was just tired!

    1. Well it might be old age kicking...that is what I told Stacey;). But not sleeping really takes it out of you and then adding physical activity on top- just exhausting I think!


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