Boston Billy

Not only do I run and talk about running and sell running things and blog about running....I also read about running. I just finished Marathon Man by Bill Rodgers and love it. I highly recommend checking it out if you love running, are intrigued by marathons or just like a good story in general.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

My earliest ancestors ran in search of food and to escape predators. I no longer run for survival like them, but perhaps the traces from the past lived on in my DNA. I believe this biological need to move is felt more intensely in some than others, but I believe it's within us all (14).

We were suddenly reminded how running, perhaps more than any other sport, is a celebration of life. It makes your world a brighter place. It gives you this lift, a confidence to stand tall and feel good. Better than good. Boundless (207).

...running was not an escape from the real world. It was a necessary, life sustaining passion, the way painting was to Vincent van Gogh or writing was to Ernest Hemingway (273).

If your not feeling a little anxiety before taking off on a 26.2 mile race at unrelenting, break-neck speed, you might want to make sure you're still breathing (278).

The marathon may be run alone, but nobody makes it in the long run without close friends to lean on (290).

Our stories are proof that passion and purpose in life can lay dormant for years. But then, one day, you find your desire, your dream, your strength. It was in you the whole time. And once you find it, nothing will ever be the same. From that day forward, you will put everything on the line, make every day count, test the limits of your heart, and embrace the challenge of your spirit (294).

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! 


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