Yesterday I checked out a gym on Fort Bliss. I was all motivated and decided to lift weights. I did a full body workout. Arms, back, legs, the whole shebang. I even did that crazy stair stepping thing that is like rotating stairs. Never ending stairs. I went up like 70 floors. I felt great. I was like I am nailing this whole fitness thing. Weight lifting is not that hard. Pssshhhhh

Well today....

So that was not a great life choice. I should calm myself when I get all hyped about lifting. Just put one body part out of commission at a time not the whole damn thing.

My absolute favorite thing about the gym though is the family room. There is a kid pen. Genius!

You can dump your kids in the pen with some toys and get your workout on. For some reason I thought this was brilliant and hilarious all at the same time. This gym in particular caters to families so that is nice. Now if you excuse me I am off to lie very, very still.


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