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I am hoping to get good news today about running after getting a CT scan of my heart this morning. But regardless of news the past couple of years have been full of awesome running experiences that I am thankful I have gotten to be a part! In no particular order of awesomeness:

1. Kendra getting a 5K PR.

Kendra was my first running buddy when I moved to Columbus Georgia and is one of my favorite people. It was awesome to see her become a running badass and I was super happy I was running with her when she killed that 5K!

2. Helping Amanda train for and crush a half marathon.

In the past year I have watched Amanda become an amazing athlete and was impressed and inspired by how hard Amanda worked to run her first half marathon....which was in June near Atlanta in high humidity and temps. She obviously likes to aim high. I was so proud of her! Helping her train confirmed that I myself would like to help others achieve their goals and got me motivated to work towards getting my NASM personal training certification. 

3. Smoky Mountain Relay.
An amazing and fun experience that challenged me and made me realize how lucky I am to know such amazing runners!

4. Running the Atlanta Marathon with Kelcey and Nicole.
To sum it up- love these girls and miss running with them so much! The marathon was super hilly but the medal and company were awesome!

5. Running the Albany Marathon with Buddy.
I am forever thankful that I had Buddy as my coach for the Albany marathon. He kept me on track and made me a better runner. I miss training with him. There is no way I would have PR'd without him running with me.

6. Running through the night with Kena during Run for the Heroes.
Not often do you find a friend who appreciates a good walk break as much as you. Running through the night with Kena was amazing because I got to see how tough she truly is and gained a whole new respect for ultra runners. And how often do you get to be part of such an amazing feat!

7. Going to California to run the Half Moon Bay Marathon but really going to California to hang with these awesome peeps.

Doesn't everyone show up at the door of an internet stranger? Well this time it worked out perfectly and I got to meet, in person, some of my most favorite people!

8. Running the Chicago Marathon and my own cheering squad.

Running a big city marathon is an amazing experience. The sheer number of runners and spectators is overwhelming. Running through the streets of a top notch city is something special. Having your own personal cheer squad is priceless!

9. Finishing my goal of 30 half marathons by 30 with my best friend.

Not only did I complete a goal over two years in the making but I got to do it with my best friend and her now husband cheering me on! It made this race extra special.

10. Any time I actually placed at a race.

It is always a good thing when you surprise yourself and I always surprise myself when I place at a race. I mean usually they are small races and I am having an exceptionally good race but boom still count!

What are your most favorite running experiences?


  1. Having you come and stay is right at the top of my list too! Hope today goes well. x


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