Stress Test Failure

This past Thursday I did not get the news I was hoping for. I wanted to hear you are fine, run it up! Instead after an echo-cardiogram and a stress test (which by the way stress tests are one hell of a workout, basically running uphill, like straight up, hold on tight you may fly off this treadmill at any moment your butt will hurt for days workout) I got a we need to do a CT scan to check your arteries because the stress test results did not look normal. No running! No running! No running!

To sum everything the doctor said up: I either am totally fine and my heart beats funny or something more serious may be going on with my arteries. So fine or serious. And I don't get the CT scan until the 16th.

At first I was all
boohoo my life is over. I will never run again. Whoa is me.

and then I swung the other way
My heart is stupid, how dare you betray me. Doctors know nothing ahhhhhhh

I have since landed on

I had to give myself a little reality check:
- Don't freak out until you know what is really going on which could be nothing! Everybody just calm down. Okay me calm down.
-Stop focusing on what I can't do and focus on what I can. I can walk, I can do yoga, I can do Pilates, I can lift. I can do all the other activities I like to do. Pretty much as long as my heart rate isn't elevated I am free to go about my business.
- I am more than just a runner. This has been my focus for a long time. It is my most favorite hobby. But it is not the only thing about me. 
- I have a doctor's permission to be lazy. Most of the time doctor's are like move more, mine is saying move less. I can be living it up on the couch, binge watching Bravo with my doctor's permission. Sweet.  

So my plan of action:
-Stay strong with none cardio workouts
- Read/ watch TV/ Study / try new recipes/ stalk pinterest for more fun craft projects 
-Try not to worry about it. This can be easier said than done but there is no point worrying that something is wrong when in fact nothing may be wrong
- Live vicariously through all my running friends and fellow run bloggers

So now everyone go out and run for me!


  1. I hope the results from the next appt say you are fine!

  2. Bean! Hugs. Lots of them.

    Just a note of caution about lifting. My cardiologist has told me the one thing that I absolutely shouldn't do is lift weights particularly above my head. I assume that 2kg ones from Target to tone my bingo wings are fine but maybe just double check with your doctor.

    1. No worries- the only lifting I am doing is the bingo wing kind! Nothing too heavy or strenuous.

  3. Doctor approved laziness? Bring it on!

    Just kidding. Sorry that you're benched for now, but hopefully you get cleared on the 16th!

    1. Thanks! I know I need to just enjoy the doctor's orders!


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