Just a recap

So just to recap what has been going on:
1) pitifully attempted a 50K in ridiculous conditions
2) felt weird pressure in chest and felt like death
3) went to ER- eh not sure go see cardiologist
4) after ridiculously long wait due to moving to a new state, getting in the system, general time it takes to get an appointment see cardiologist for stress test and echo thingy
5) stress test looks weird
6) wait for week and a half wondering if my heart is abnormal or arteries are in the wrong place or what

And then yesterday:
7) get CT scan
8) find out that my heart actually very healthy. Yes it beats funny but that is okay and it beats at a rate and a volume that is really, really good and my arteries are beautiful (ya know that inner beauty;)). Oh and my cholesterol is da bomb FYI. In case you were wondering. Doc says I am gonna live forever.

9) And then the doc said.....YOU CAN RUN.....

So you all know what that means! Wild West Relay and Hood to Coast Relay are on!!!!

This also means after a month and a week or so of pretty much no activity that raised my heart rate even a little I now have to get back in shape.
So time to get back at it. 

So what the heck was up??? Doctor's best guess is I either have a nerve or an esophagus issue and should work on posture/ fueling properly. I should also be aware that I am not invincible and my heart still beats a bit funny so keep it reasonable. Fair enough. 


  1. I love that this post used the phrase "da bomb" And YAYAYYAYAYA for being able to run again!

  2. I am happy for the good news!!! Interesting that they want you to work on posture!


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