How to train for a relay in a week and a half

It is not recommended.
In my mind I am still at the same fitness level I was a month and a half ago just like in my mind I am still 21. Sadly I am not really fit at all and I am soon to be 31...(ahhh what, that shit snuck up on me). In a nutshell I am feeling winded and ....mature. I have noticed as I have gotten older I don't get in shape as quickly or stay in shape as long or recover from deciding that lifting weights is a "good idea" quickly.

And since I have had about zero time to get back in shape for the Wild West Relay I am not really sure how well that is going to go. On the one hand I am super well rested. Injury free. And a bit stronger due to body weight training and Pilates. I feel ready to go. On the other hand this race is at high elevation and I am way under trained in the running department

So my general approach to the last few days and the next coming days until the relay are to run (either a HIIT on the treadmill or and easy outside run) about every other day. And lift and do cardio every other day. I know I can't run everyday without hurting myself and need to ease back into it. I also know I need as much cardio as I can get so hello stairstepper and hello elliptical and hello bike we are gonna be kickin it together. The biggest thing I  decided on my little run hiatus is that I want to be stronger and through my personal training studying finally conceded that weight lifting is probably in my best interest so I am going to make a conscious effort to lift weights and lift heavy on a regular basis in an effort to be stronger and hopefully more toned. And I am gonna try not to cry every single time.

That is me on the right in case you were no attention to other photos of me on this blog. 

 And just to be clear the couple of days before the relay no weight lifting because I want to be able to move.

A week and a half is not an ideal time frame for getting back in shape. Muscle memory, strength and an awesome relay team are what it is all about!


  1. Since I turned 30 I've noticed that my body doesn't like to do some of the things it used to, too. For races I haven't really trained properly for, I've had good success using a run/walk method to finish them...maybe that could be an option for you. Good luck!


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