31 and some wine

Tomorrow is my birthday!

Why thank you!

I have a hot date with a mani- pedi, froyo and some other stuff

but I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you all of some very exciting news other than it's ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY! (Yep still get excited about them). Because this year is the year of the relay (Smoky Mountain, Wild West, Hood to Coast) I am embracing the opportunity to run through wine country because I feel this relay reflects what I am truly about...

I will be joining the wonderful Cathryn from My Heart's Content and her relay crew for a little jaunt from San Fran to Napa for the Napa Valley Ragnar. Doesn't that just sound like the best! It is funny to think that about a year ago I was wanting to do a relay and now it would appear I do all of them. How lucky am I!!!!

Now excuse me it is time to
*by party hard I mean the big bucket of froyo and a housewives marathon. I live big. 


  1. I am so jealous! I have been dying to do a relay but can never find a team :( Also, that last gif gave me a seizure.


    1. Thanks so much! You never know when a relay might pop up- that is what happened to me x 4!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    31 is a prime number. Extra lucky!


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