Staying motivated

Right after the Choccolocco 50K I was over running. No interest. And that worked out just fine cause we were moving and I need to get checked out a little more before I run. But now it has been awhile and I want to run again. I mean hello I have two big relays coming up in August. But I am still waiting to go to the doc so no running. Getting a bit frustrating. So instead I have had to stay motivated by reading about all the awesome running everyone else is doing and staying strong by doing lots of yoga, Pilates and body weight exercises. And Max has been taking me on walks around the neighborhood. Now that the treadmill is here I can do a bit more walking since it is in air conditioning so that is nice.

Instead of working out I have been looking into fun summer recipes. My new favorite drink involves half and half of  low calories lemonade, club soda, and muddled strawberries and mint. So good! Strawberries and grapes are on sale in my area so I have been buying those up and freezing them. Frozen grapes are a great snack plus they work better than ice cubes to keep your wine cold.
Now that we are back in the southwest we are embracing our ability to get amazing tasting green chilies. My favorite yummy egg dish involves-

-two eggs per person
-sauteed red onion about half a cup
- frozen pepper blend (nice because pre-chopped and have red, green and yellow peppers)
- one diced chicken sausage
- tablespoon of minced garlic (or to taste, we love garlic so less may be better for those not as fond)
-green chilies about half a cup
-and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar and sliced avocado to top

Start with the onions and frozen peppers and garlic, saute until unfrozen, tender, then add green chilies, sausage and eggs. Scramble it all up. Add cheddar to melt. Serve with avocado. So easy and so good.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. I freaking love green chilies! And that drink sounds yummy too :)

    And frozen grapes in white wine is one of the best tricks ever. I don't even remember what I did before that!

  2. Frozen grapes are all the rage these days. But I can't bite in to frozen things so I have jumped in to the craze. Welcome back to the SW. The other day I had a frozen Amy's burrito and came back to my desk and asked if any of my co-workers had hot sauce. I have never asked for hot sauce before. I think I'm a Phoenician now!

    1. For sure. Once you put hot sauce on everything and eat Mexican themed dishes several times a week you are official!


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