Ready to Rock the Rockin Choccolocco

Tomorrow my best running friends and I are going to do the Rockin Choccolocc 50k. I am hopeful this time will go better (no blister and finish 50km). It is bound to be more fun with these two awesome runners by my side!
Lucky for me these two are up for relays, marathons and general running shenanigans. Makes things more fun! 
 Of course the first thing I packed were the snacks. With a high of 87 and high humidity on tap for tomorrow the plan is to go slow, run the downs and walk the uphills and eat and drink early and often. Slow and steady gets to the finish line feeling fine. I like to think of it as a hike through the beautiful trails with some running thrown in.

I am excited to try out my new Apera sport bag. The nice people at Apera sent me the performance duffel to try out and from what I can tell so far it is just about perfect. A good size. Separate shoe compartments that actually fit my size 12 giant shoes. There are a million pockets so it seems easy to stay organized. It is also antimicrobial and comes with a washable insert. This seems key with the amount of sweat I plan on producing tomorrow. I think my favorite thing is that this company donates one bag to a Special Olympic athlete for every three bags sold. This will be my first time using it. At first glance and pack I like it a lot.

 I think my favorite thing about the actual bag is the lining. First of all it is a fun design. But more importantly it is a lighter color so when I look in there to find something it is not a black hole of mystery. I can actually see things.

 It is plenty big and fits everything for this trip. More review on how it functions after this weekend. I might even use it for the road trip moving to Texas. That would be the true test. Holding running clothes and regular clothes over multiple days in and out of hotels. It looks like Apera bags is having a 40% of sale right now if you are interested in checking them out.

Okay wish me, Kelcey and Nicole luck! I am taking all the well wishes from the last 50k into this one and feel pretty confident that I am about to become an ultra runner! For real this time ;).

*Free stuff disclaimer- Apera bags reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying out one of their bags. I chose the style and color. All comments and opinions are coming from my own tiny brain. I am not being compensated (dang it) beyond the free bag.


  1. Good luck! Also, good to know that the bag fits size 12 shoes. I have such a hard time finding bags that do!

  2. I just heard someone the other day saying how great those bags are. I hope things worked out well for you. 87 degrees + humidity is pretty brutal!


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