3 Things Thursday

Yeah we have internet again!!!!! Unfortunately our stuff has not arrived yet so we are living the minimalist life.

We couldn't take anymore time in the hotel so even though we are stuff-less we have moved into our house. Air mattresses are so ....comfy....
Let me out of this hotel. I believe I was promised a yard!

My three most favorite things about the house we rented:
 1- Awesome backyard. Little tropical paradise!

 2- Huge walk-in closet!!!!! YES DREAMS COME TRUE!

 3-Sweet kitchen with stainless steel, granite, and tile. It is like I picked everything myself!

3 least favorite things:
1- still haven't been able to make a doctor appointment because I didn't exist in the system...blah blah Army blah blah. Hoping tomorrow I exist. 

2- I am starting to miss running. I want to explore the area on foot but can't yet. Annoying! 

3-I miss my friends in Georgia so much!!!!! Hey y'all come on down to Texas...well maybe wait until our stuff gets here but then come on down!


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