Out with a bang and training last week

Today was my last scheduled day working at Big Dog Running Company. So of course I had to go out with a bang by buying all the things.
Mace, anti-chafe wipes and spandex. Keepin it sexy, safe and friction free.
I am really gonna miss the discount.....oh and also all the great friends I made. Friends more than discount I swear!

The last few runs have seemed kinda tough and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why until my friend was like well you took a few weeks off for tendonitis. Oh right that and then though I have been doing a lot of big running things- relay, ultra attempt- I went a few weeks without actually running all that much. And then it got hot. So now it all kinda makes sense. Long story short I am out of shape and sweaty. But last week I made a push to get back into shape.

Monday-  4 miles of hills. Big ass hills just to be clear. Repeatedly. It hurt. And then I lifted weights. Actual weights. I didn't just say I was gonna lift weights and then sit on the couch and watch TV. No, actually lifted them.

Tuesday- 6 miles of intervals at the track. At one point I wanted to hurl. And then the local college team showed up to fly around the track and that made me want to hurl even more. When I was done cursing the young, fast college kids at the track I went home for an hour of Pilates.

Wednesday- 4 miles on the treadmill. My legs were tired so I took it to the soft surface. Then I lifted weights AGAIN!!! I know! I might even develop a.....what are those things called.....a muscle.

Thursday- I thought about doing Pilates. I ate cookies instead.

Friday- 10 miles of paved fairly fast running (fairly fast for me being between 9:20 and 10 min/miles) that felt pretty good. Then 3.8 miles of trail which were super slow. I kinda ran out of steam and decided that the trail shoes I was wearing I hate. So I need to eat more and wear better shoes.

Saturday- 10 miles of paved with 5 faster and 5 with me being whiny and yelling "let's ultra the hills". Ultra being code word for "dear god can we walk I can't breath".

So in total 33.8 miles. Many of those with very patient friends who will tolerate my loud mouth breathing/ walk breaks. Thanks guys! Oh and my goal is to do Pilates twice a week. This week I vow to not get distracted by cookies!


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