I feel like I live in a sweaty armpit

On Saturday I woke up all motivated. Ready to tackle a double digit run. I haven't run long in awhile unless it has been at a race and I feel like it is time to jump back on that bandwagon. And then I looked at the weather.
6 a.m. around 70 degrees and super humid.

But I decided I should suck it up and accept the fact that this is my life now. Hot and humid is what the South does. And apparently when I was in Colorado hot and humid came to town and are here to stay for awhile. I filled my hydration backpack and my handheld and struck out. Within half a mile I was a sweaty mess. I felt like I was swimming through the air. Every breath was suffocating. It is just so warm and sticky. 

Apparently melting into a puddle is now what I will be doing several times a week while I attempt to run. Needless to say I made it to a double digit run though it ended several digits short of what I set out to do. It may take me awhile to adjust. Now I realize about three months ago I was complaining about how freakin cold it was....well let's just say I am an equal opportunity whiner. 


  1. Ugh, humidity is a killer. When I ran Princess in 2013, the humidity zapped the living hell out of me. I seriously contemplated quitting the race, it felt like I was running in a sauna. I'll take our dry heat any day of the week!


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