Almost time

This morning I went trail running.I love it so much every time. It is just so dang fun. And now I have trail shoes which makes it even more fun and less painful on the feet and ankles. Because I am dense I was skeptical that trail shoes would make a world of difference. They do! And unlike brand new road shoes, when your new trail shoes get all muddy and wet you are excited and think good job self, well done. 

After frolicking through the trails singing the hills are alive (just kidding I was cursing at all the hills, Georgia is so hilly, who knew) it was time to pack for......THE RELAY!!!!!
Hey true story hardest part of packing is my giant ass shoes. Big footed runner problems.My shoes take up more space than five running outfits. Two more sleeps and we are on our way to North Carolina! Can't wait!


  1. You've almost persuaded me to buy trail shoes. Do they make THAT MUCH of a difference??? Have a wonderful careful!!! Can't wait to read about it. x


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