A little swim, a little bike, a little annoyed

So I have been cross training forever. Okay for about a week. BUT LIKE FOREVER. And I am over it. My typical day looks like:
-one to two mile walk with Max
-Pilates for an hour or Yoga
- Bike or Swim for 30 min to an hour...basically as long as I can stand it (I don't see any sort of triathlon greatness in my future FYI). 

Yes this is good for me. Yes it is good for tendinitis. But I super miss running so am gonna whine about it.

Max is really enjoying me being injured because he is all about the walking so is happy to help me rehab. He is also all about yoga mats. Every time one is rolled out he runs over to lay on it. Cute....but not super helpful. He has got Shavasana down.

But the good news is my tendon is not swollen anymore and feels almost 100% better. I see an easy run coming up in my future. And I say it every single time I get injured. I should do more cross training for overall fitness/ strength. I am totally gonna keep this up.....guess we shall see.


  1. It sounds like it's paying off... even though it's boring! :)

  2. Cross training is horrible but it DOES sound like you're mending - think of how nice it'll be to run again soon!


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