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It is always weird after a marathon. I am always a little lost. One because I like to take several days off after. Some people can just jump right back into it but I am too injury prone for that. So this gives me a weird amount of time to get into trouble. I mean I could cross train I guess but instead I just eat a lot and catch up on books and TV and act like my legs don't work. So after training for weeks and weeks, in the rain, at 5a.m. with the singular focus on this one race when it is over it feels a little empty.  Luckily I won't be lost for too long because one I have another marathon coming up on the 23rd.

With Albany I was all set to go out and run hard and excited to see what I could do. With Publix I am all set to go out and have a great time running with friends up and down the hills of Atlanta. No real goal with that one....well to finish. It is still 26.2 very long miles.

And it is time to start training for the Smoky Mountain Relay. My excitement level for this event is off the charts. Mostly because my team is just so awesome. But also because I have never done anything like this so it is a very exciting new adventure.

To train for this event I plan on doing several two a day runs back to back to get used to running repeatedly over a two day period. After all for the relay I will be running 31.7 miles over 37 any additional miles I add on getting lost...which I feel will happen at some point. Most of my legs are labeled as challenging but to be fair so are most of the other legs. When you relay through the mountains you gotta bring your A game.

Speaking of A game. D brought his to air assault school and graduated yesterday!
Super excited and proud of him. Another bit of training crossed off the list!

And about that next PR marathon seriously considering 
My brother is getting married the weekend of Marine Corp so that is out. But this race isn't until December 7th so gives me plenty of time to have relay fun this spring and summer, work on getting stronger and faster and pick back up marathon training in the fall to get in those long runs in cooler weather. And it is in Sacramento which is close to where my awesome in-laws live so I can hopefully visit with them for a few days too if they will have me! Plus I love running in California, visiting California, just love that state in general. Any reason to visit really! So yes CIM...4:20 or less? Maybe!


  1. I ran the 1/2 last year for Georgia Publix --- talk about never ending hills. I imagine the full would be similiar. Although the hills are relentless, I think there was a good variety so it didn't seem to wipe me out or make me hate life. It's one of my favorite medals, so hopefully they carry on the sweet bling for you this year as well!

    1. I saw the medal for this year.....that may be most of the reason I am doing it;). It is good to hear the hills didn't destroy you. I am a bit nervous about that.


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