It is happening again

Tomorrow I am off to run the Scottsboro half marathon in Alabama. I am going with one of my best running friends Nicole. We are truly insane. Run all the races!!!!

I have not run since Sunday's marathon. Though I have gone to the pool twice to pool run and swim laps. Swimming is so exhausting. I can run for an hour no problems. Try to swim for an hour and I am exhausted, hangry and in need of a nap. My tendinitis is feeling better so I am hopeful that I will be back to 100% soon.  

Another thing that makes me exhausted...working retail four days in a row. I really like my job and it is fun to nerd out on running stuff but for some reason this week I have had my fair share of extra demanding/ crazy people. I seriously do not know how I worked a full time job before. I guess to be fair it wasn't in retail but still. It is funny what we get used to. 

 I have been walking longer with my best dog friend Max since I have a lot of free time in the morning now and it is starting to look like spring around here though people native to these parts keep telling me not to get too comfortable and that the coldest weather can be in April. What?!? Say it ain't so.


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