5k fun and another marathon

This weekend was super fun! I got to pace my friend Amanda to a 5K PR by like a whole minute or something crazy like that. She is pretty tough and hung in there even though I am sure she was contemplating how to trip me or shove me off the bridge for part of the time because I would not ease up. But I know she is super awesome so bam goal obtained there! It always feels so good to see other people reach their goals. In other exciting news she signed up for her first half marathon in June! I know she is gonna rock the training and the race. My awesome running friend Nicole also got a new PR and placed in her age group. Whoop! Whoop! Fantastic race all around. I love being surrounded by all this running greatness!

This Sunday I am running the Georgia marathon with Nicole and our friend Kelcey who ran the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon yesterday. We are some crazy marathon fools. I have decided that I don't have any real goals for this marathon (I mean finish is always a goal). I do want to try some different gear and fuel in preparation for upcoming relays/ ultras and this feels like a good time to do it. Ready to get an up close view of Atlanta. My arch/ankle area is still a bit sore but I think with continued icing and stretching we should be good to go by Sunday.  

D and I also celebrated 8 years this weekend since we were crazy kids getting married on the top of an Alaskan mountain. We kind of have two anniversaries since we had a small ceremony and then a big one a few months later. But hey any reason to celebrate is totally fine by me. Happy every single day to be married to my best friend. 

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Aww, happy 8 years!!! :) And yay to pacing friends! I love doing that! It's almost more rewarding than your own PRs (almost).


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