Red Nose Run, 10 miles and Horchata

This morning I got to pace my first half marathon and it was so much fun. Stressful but fun. The whole time I was like can't slow down must get them to the finish ahhh what is my pace, where are we, aid station, keep running, what is my pace, where are we....etc. etc. etc. But most of my group either fell way behind or sped up to kill it so in the end it was just me and one other lady who was struggling a bit. So I decided she was my mission and we finished in 2:10:59. And she was so excited! It was awesome. A couple of other people came up and talked to me about keeping me in their sights the whole time and thank me. Amazing. Runners are so awesome. I can't wait to pace again given the opportunity.

True confession time. I was supposed to run three miles after the half but after standing around in the cold I opted out. Call it lazy, call it frozen. Just don't call my coach. I have yet to inform him of my lack of extra miles. 

This week I ran a total of 37 miles. A bit of a light week as of late for me but no worries I have heard word that some two a day workouts are about to start happening. Apparently break over. On Wednesday I ran 10 miles with my coach at an average pace of 9:06 per mile. It was a bit hard but I think more than that it was annoying. It was raining fairly hard the entire time. Totally mental defeat on my part. But when we were done I was very excited to have done that run. A good confidence booster.

In other news D and I found an amazing Mexican restaurant here in Columbus. And they serve giant horchatas.

 This is the most exciting thing to happen to us in awhile. 

All my peeps are coming back from visiting friends and families over the holidays. Super excited to see them soon!
Congrats to all you cold weather runners out there who raced this weekend!
After running in 30 degree temps I have decided that I do not enjoy the cold. 


  1. Well done for pacing - such a big responsibility and it sounds like you did an amazing job!!


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