I ran twice today...on a treadmill.....and I am still alive.

Is anyone else a bit chilly? I hate cold weather. For everyone north of here especially my peeps in the Illinois and Wisconsin area, whoa no way. That is just too much cold for me, you all are tough. Where am I going with this.....I hate the cold so I ran on the treadmill twice today.

Yep the treadmill in in a cage. Doing some mental training as well I guess. So glad I added some new music to the playlist.

Today was the first day of training with my coach that included running twice in one day. And it totally kicked my butt. I don't know how I feel about running twice in one day. The laundry alone is too much for me. The first run was an easier one and the second run was a tempo run. It was super tough. I was already tired ....which I guess is the point. I also went to Pilates so my abs were no help whatsoever. Thanks abs.

I am also supposed to do another two a day on Wednesday..... brace yourself for the whining.


  1. Got to run for 38 mins on a treadmill tonight. First time to run on a treadmill in more than 5 years. Running on the road is better but a stint on a treadmill is a nice way to put some variety on the running.


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